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Australian Shepherd Breeding
About me
Barbara Schlager.
My dogs and I are simply inseparable.

Since my childhood I dreamed of having my own dog. When I was at the elementary school I regularly went for a walk with my uncle’s German shepherd. I enjoyed the time with Asta very much. It took a long time till I could fulfill my desire. Particurarly important was for me to have enough time for my dog and I also always wanted to train a dog. For several years I can finally live this dream. I enjoy every minute, I spend with my dogs.

We live in the beautiful Salzkammergut, near Bad Aussee. Their are endless possibilities to wander through the beautiful countryside where the dogs can play to their heart’s content. We regularly participate in dog shows, but my passion is working with my girls. The Australian Shepherd is a very intelligent dog and he needs enough exercise but also mental workload. In addition to the submission, dog training in obedience, my dogs love working on the agility course.

Since the human wellfare is very important to me as a masseuse, I was looking for a way to help the dogs. So I completed the training to become a dog physiotherapist.

My thesis
All about dogs.
The current contests, breeds and information for pets.
Welpen 2018
December, 2018
Wir haben wieder Welpen! Nähere Infos unter oder +43 (0) 664 46 45 923 Australian Shepherd Welpen 2018
Welpen 2016
May, 2016
Wir haben Welpen! Nähere Infos unter oder +43 (0) 664 46 45 923
Halloween Agility-Competition Trofaiach
October, 2015
I am looking forward to start with my three girls at the Halloween Tunier in Trofaich. I will start with Cassy, Dyami and Joko together for the first time! I am looking forward to see you!
Welcome to the Greenheart Aussee Website!
April, 2015
On our website we cover all topics regarding the Australian Shepherd.
My dogs
Joko. Dyami. Cassy.
Joko Ono (breeding dog) - Des Phantomes des Callas
Born 07.09.2013

HD A, ED free, OD free
MDR1 +/+ free
HSF4 +/+ free

I am Joko, the youngest member of the team and a real whirlwind. I am very active and love jumping around, but I can be obedient within seconds when it comes to work. I get presented really great in dog shows and make also a really good impression on the training field. My mistress would say I am as swift as an arrow and easy to lead. She always looks after me and supports me when I begin to lotter during an exercise. In everyday life, I am a very brave dog and love to cuddle with Barbara.I like to hop on her lap and poke her with my nose to show her how much I love her. Sometimes I am a little princess, but when you look into my cute face, it brings joy to your heart.As a real Frenchwoman and "Mademoiselle" I've found my new home in the Ausseerland and understand even really good "Styrian“.

Dyami (breeding dog) - Medvedi Tlapa
Born 30.12.2012

Slowenischer Jugendchampion
HD A, ED free, OD free
MDR1 +/+ free
HSF4 +/+ free
CEA,PRA free
NBT (Natural Bobtail)

Dyami means eagle. I inspire all people with my charm, once you get to know me, you take me into your heart very fast. I am a very intelligent dog and wrap everyone around my sweet velvet paws. My behavior is the epitome of the Australian Shepherd innate "will to please" - I want the people to like me. In the dog sports I always „ask“ if everything is alright and if I’m doing right. In fall 2014 I ran my first agility competition and made it almost on the podium. When I was a puppy, my mistress had to carry me away from the training field, because I was so deeply into the training and didn’t want to stop. Today I’m still crazy about the agility course. When I see that the training is over, I just stay in the middle of the field and look into Barbara’s eyes, asking, if I may run around a little longer. Mostly she gives me some time and watches me perfecting my exercises.

Cassy - Western Recall's
Born 04.07.2009

I always feel like frolic around and have endless power. I could work and stay focused till I drop, but then have to keep in mind that I am allowed to rest. When I finally realized it, I can spend hours lying quietly. Of course I enjoy it exactly the same way then. I am a really faithful soul and I am always there when my mistress needs me. I am very reluctant towards strangers, but if someone has taken me into his heart, I overwhelm him with my love.
Our little ones. Nice to have you here.
Litter from 21.03.2015
Abby (Hündin ret tri) Assigned

Abby is a very pretty rather quiet and affectionate dog. She has a very pleasant Charisma and floats like a leaf (the meaning of Abby) in the wind.
Alon (Rüde black tri, NBT ½ Rute) Assigned

Alon is a real go-getter and has a strong personality. You can see his perfect proportions. He does not come - he appears.
Amarok (Rüde red tri, NBT ¾ Rute) Assigned

He is the largest and most powerful dog and was almost twice as heavy as his sister Angie at birth. He is a sovereign male, he always keeps his cool.
Amir (Rüde black tri) Assigned

Amir is our little prince. He has a bit of everything, he is a very lovable dog. His drawing in the face is very special, as if someone had conjured him a brushstroke on the head.
Angie (Hündin red merle, NBT ¾ Rute) Assigned

She is the most graceful female of the litter and she's lovingly called "angel". She lookes like an angel, but is a little whirlwind, beats up her brothers, growls and hisses like a wild kitten.
Apollo (Rüde blue merle) Assigned

Apollo is a very playful dog. He loves to pull and drag every toy that is lying around and when he is tired, he simply drops and sleeps on his toy. He likes getting a belly rub.
Aras (Rüde black tri) Assigned

Aras looks like his grandpa. He is beautifully drawn and will definitely be a very great dog. He is playful, rather quiet and cozy.
Arco (Rüde black tri) Assigned

Arco is the darkest dog and since the beginning my "shadow". When I feel a puppy on my feet, then it is assuredly Arco. He got his name because of his arc-like markings on the shoulders.
Next litter date: 2016 (Joko)
Dog food
For the large and small appetites.
Since it is very difficult and time consuming to barf a dog (nutrition with fresh meat, vegetables, herbs, etc.), I decided for this dog food. Paneon is a appropriate assortment of food without chemical additives with a high proportion of meat and a 100% declaration of ingredients. It is very well thought out and created to meet the needs of dogs & cats. The big advantage is that this dog food can be used from puppyhood through to old age and guarantees a diet rich nutrition.

For information on the wide range of products please visit the manufacturer’s website directly.
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